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Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine
Model: KMP (Pressing Type)
Raghu Marketing New Extra Compact Design
Chapati queen KMP Series is a compact single unit fully Automatic Machine for home like chapaties
Raghu Marketing High Capacity
Most suitable for large Industrial Kitchens, Hospitals, Langars and Defence establishments.
Raghu Marketing Robust Construction
Heavy Duty machine with robust construction.

Raghu Marketing No Dry Flour
Oil and dust (Dry flour) free operation. The dough can be prepared without any oil and it is flattened without using any dry flour.
Raghu Marketing Aesthetic Design
Chapati Queen is a good-looking machine suitable for display kitchens.
Raghu Marketing Easy to Operate & Maintain
Simple and robust design requires no special skills to operate and maintain.
Raghu Marketing Easy Asjustments
Adjustable thickness, weight size and browning of the Chapati.
Raghu Marketing Energy Efficient
The insulated vertical oven is most efficient healing chamber possible.

The machine produces balls, which are then pressed into pressing plates by a mechanical press. These pressed chapaties travel on belts to get baked on two sides and puffed onto a puffing grill.

Raghu Marketing

Machine Size 10’ X 3’ X 6’ [H] 10' X 4' X 6' [H]
Envelope Area 14’ X 7’ X 10’ [H] 14' X 8' X 10' [H]
Power Required 1.2 KW 7.5 KW
LPG Consumption 7 KG/HR. 12 KG/HR.
Chapati Size 4" to 6" DIA 4" to 6" DIA
Chapati Thickness 1.5 - 3 MM 1.5 - 3 MM
Chapati Weight 25GM - 50GM. 25GM - 50GM.
Production Capacity 2500 CHAPATI / HR. 5000 CHAPATI / HR.
Machine Weight 1300 KG 2000 KG
LPG/CNG Pressure Required 1 KG/CM2 1 KG/CM2

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